Posted by: teoandsethar | January 8, 2005

Hi, my name is Slim Teo

You might think that a virtuallyfat-free, close to hair-less puppy like me wouldn’t enjoy living in the cold cold winter we have in Norway? But here I am, in the snow, taking a walk with my new human and her family. App. one week ago I left my mom, my brother and sisters, two poodle aunts, and a quite a few eccentric cats, to live in Oslo with a fairly funny human named Eve. And this weekend she decided to take me to Fredrikstad, so that I could meet her father and some of her (now our) family. I moved to my human on the day before new-year’s eve, and for some reason my human was anxious about me having a nervous reaction to something she called fireworks….well, I couldn’t care less!! What’s the big deal, I haven’t seen “anything” yet, so I still don’t know what to be afraid about!

So here I am, at 2 1/2 months, my name is Teoball (apparantly my human’s niece, Lovise, gave me my name), Teo for shorth (among a million other funny names she calls me….). According to my human, I have quite enourmous paws, and she suspects that I’ll get quite big, even for a Whippet. But that’s suits me juuust fiiine. I gonna be a big and SCARY Whippet.
My favorite thing to do right now is to chew on juicy human fingers and toes, eat, SLEEP, and create the occasional chaos!

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