Posted by: teoandsethar | August 19, 2005

My girl’s name is Blenda

She’s named after a laundry detergent, which is made to keep whites really white! And that’s not all, I think her brother’s name is Milo, which is another laundry detergent made especially for wool!! Pretty creative naming I think. Blenda is a standard poodle, and Glitterbox is her pedigree name.

Just as people constantly ask my human 1) if I’m a small Greyhound(!!!?) or 2) if I’m too big, Blenda is being accused of being too small! Don’t people get it??
We are perfect!!

She loves to run fast, just like me, and that’s perfect! Because, there aren’t many other dogs that can play Whippet style. Normally she chases me, around in the field where we usually play, and she’s really fit and quick.

Her human has some really funny outbursts everytime I get Blenda to chase me through the mud after it’s been raining. What’s the problem? A little mud has never hurt anyone!

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