Posted by: teoandsethar | August 29, 2005

Family reunion

OK, ok, I realize it’s not very nice to post
a picture of your mom and sister when they’re
facing “the wrong way”, but at least Fiona,
the Crested, is facing the right way.

My mom, Elvira, is on the left,
and my sister Gitana on the right.

This is a much better pic of Gitana.
She’s just moved back to our mom, Elvira,
because her human couldn’t keep her.
I’m not sure whether she’ll be staying here or if
she’s moving to some new humans,
but it sure was fun seeing her again.

And here we are, clockwise from the left Gitana, Zora, me and Elvira, in the forest. It’s not easy taking pics of Whippets because we move very fast when we’re off leash. But here we found something really interesting that needed further investigation, and believe it or not, but we stood still long enough to be photographed!

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