Posted by: teoandsethar | September 4, 2005

LC – Lure Coursing

Lure Coursing is a sighthound speciality! Over a field we chase a bunny (which is basically a plastic bag), running like only us sighthounds can. I’m still too young to enter competitions and get my LC licence, but they let me run a slightly shorter course without all the sharp turns. That way I get to pratice chasing the bunny without damaging my bones, muscles and tendons as I’m still growing.

Another really cool thing about LC is that even if we bark like crazy, pull on the leash, and behave “poorly”, the humans don’t get mad! BRILLIANT!!! I think it has to do with not ruining our desire to hunt the bunny. Instead they encourage it. Not that that’s ever been necessary, because we know what to do, it’s in our blood!

Zora, my sister and Azaar, my new best friend, are carefully watching the race, before it’s Zora’s turn to chase and kill the bunny. Azaar, being only 3 months old, got to run the toddler track which is 10 meters long, and in a straight line. He found the chase funny, but wasn’t really sure about what he was suppose to do with the bunny that suddenly transformed into a plastic bag?

Zora, my sister, is the fastest girl I know, and I think she even more into the hunt than I am. In fact I don’t think I know any dogs that I’ve met that can run as fast as her. She’s got these long Whippet legs, and she’s much lighter than I am, so every time we run together she always beats me. But that’s totally fine!!

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