Posted by: teoandsethar | October 13, 2005

Wounded again!

A few days ago, as I came in from a good run with Blenda I noticed a tear in my skin on my right back foot, and for the second time in only a few months I had to pay the vet a visit. Whippet skin is kinda’ thin and tears fairly easy. Well, it’s not like the skin just falls of or anything!, but when dogs nip/bite me whilst I’m running, or if I run too fast through i.e. through a forest with many protruding sticks and branches, my skin can tear. Also, I’m known for playing rough at times, and I can be a bit reckless.

This is the second time it has happened. The first time my mom bit me!! And if that’s not sufficiently disturbing: this time Blenda, my girlfriend bit me!!! In all fairness, both incidents occurred during running and playing, so I’m writing both bites off as mistakes. But should it happen again………I won’t be this forgiving!

Nevertheless, the bite wound resulted in an expensive visit to the vet (where my human got this squimish, greenish pale look on her face and had to run to the restroom several times as the vet treated the wound..very odd behavior don’t cha think??), a gigantic plastic collar to keep me from licking my wound, and medicines for a week. And NO RUNNING or PLAYING with friends! Haven’t I suffered enough??

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