Posted by: teoandsethar | November 5, 2005

How to chill Whippet-style 101!!

First, you have to make sure that the sheep skin is neatly placed in your favorite chair. Secondly, you have to elegantly jump into the chair and lie down. Finally, when you’re half asleep you twist your entire body 180 degrees and bend your neck backwards into a horisontal position, using the armrest as neck support. It might help to picture a Norwegian Lundehund as mental motivation during this stage as they can bend their heads backwards over the shoulder….impressive….

Remember to make sure that your teeth are white and clean and that your canines are showing!

After you have completed all of the above, you can proudly say that you know how to chill Whippet Style!! It ain’t easy, and not many dogs can do this in an elegant way, but it can be done! Don’t try this if you suffer from back/neck pain, have a heart condition or if you’re not allowed to sleep in furniture!!


  1. Just had to laugh when I saw your photo – as I have a very similar one of our lab Taz on his bed. The link is below if you want to see some more sillyness.

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