Posted by: teoandsethar | November 21, 2005

A trip to the forest

Today, Azaar and I brought our humans along for a nice trip to a forest nearby a small lake called Lutvann. We saw 3 deer, lots of people and a few dogs. We ventured off the track into a beautiful forest with lots of smells and other cool stuff. As any self respecting sighthounds we ran alot and my human had great difficulties attaching our bodies to the camera.

As you probably can see from the picture, she only caught the worst of me and the best of Azaar.

Our humans also tried to hide themselves from us. Silly, silly humans. It took us perhaps two nano seconds to find them. When we found them we jumped on them and tried to take off with all the treats. My human swears she too has bite marks from Azaar’s teeth. In her HEAD, she complaints!! Well, that’s what happens when you hide your body close to the ground and a gigantic puppy with sharp teeth finds you!

Just as the trip was coming to an end my human successfully got Azaar on “film”. I’m there too, in the background.

Trips to the forest are by far my favorite thing to do. I can’t describe how much fun we have charging through the forest chasing eachother. My human sometimes gets this very odd, nervous looking expression in her face when I come galloping through the forest. Does she actually think that I’ll crash into a tree or something??

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