Posted by: teoandsethar | December 24, 2005

Presents, presents and more presents

And presents I got – tasty presents!

Mr. Claus gave me a big, tasty bone and I also got pigs ears and a dental ball – with mint taste 🙂

One of my cousins got these big dolls called Bratz. It was very tempting to take these in my mouth and hide somewhere to chew on them, but, the humans said no, and gave me other tings to gnaw on. That was totally fine, but in my opinion X-mas should be about sharing – everything.

Later on, I got so tired that I finally jumped up in my human’s lap, and fell asleep. Normally, I wouldn’t do that, but with the kids running around, and the floor being completely covered in gift wrapping, I had no choice. If I was to get some shut eye, the lap was the best alternative. . . X-mas sure is exhausting!

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