Posted by: teoandsethar | January 1, 2006

Get out of my way!

Teo: “Move over Azaar! Move those long African feet out of my way!”
Azaar: “In your dreams, pal! If those short Whippet-feet of yours can’t keep up, they shouldn’t be here!” Teo:”How rude! I’ll let you know that the only reason you’re this close to me, is simply me being polite, which by the way you might want to look into!” Azaar:”Polite, schmolite! Are you a poor loser?” Teo:
“Oh, shut it! Don’t let my legs hit you in the face when I start running!” Posted by Picasa


  1. Argh! It kills me that a tiny little whippet can still be as fast as me. Or even faster! I’ll have to put some more focus on my own training, because I *will* have you eat my dust come summer!

  2. Pardon? Me eat your dust? That’s simply ridiculous! I eat a lot of *funky* things, but I will never – voluntarily – eat your dust. However, should that day come and I have to admit defeat, my arguments would be that I didn’t expect nothing less off you. Seriously, you’re legs are waaay longer than mine. How embarrasing wouldn’t it be if I, the “tiny little whippet”, ran faster than you? …..I hope you don’t mind being embarrassed, Azaar….hahaha

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