Posted by: teoandsethar | January 25, 2006

Crazy dogs & Crazy owners!!!

This morning, on my way to work (my human’s work that is) I had a terrible expreience. I got attacked by a evil dog. I was on the leash, and this other dog (aka EvilBastard), which by the way has attacked me once before, came running towards me. I knew this could be trouble so I stood completely still and gave EvilBastard all the correct signals, but out of nowhere he grabbed my head and bit me – hard. I tried to get away, but he wouldn’t let go. It was so painful and I screamed and screamed but that didn’t help me at all, the son of a bitch (literally) only bit me harder. My human started kicking EvilBastard as hard as she could, but even then the f***er wouldn’t let go. His owner was semi-drunk it seemed and didn’t even look surprised. When the bastard finally let go, my human was so mad. She called the man and EvilBastard many names that didn’t sound very nice and she was steaming with rage. She got the phone number and the name and said she was gonna report him to the police….yeah! that’s my human!! you go girl!! The dog is most likely some sort of Amstaff/Pitbull mix. We don’t necessarily think they are more dangerous than other dogs, it’s poor breeding and VERY bad owners that causes most of the problem. But why on earth do people let these aggressive dogs off leash??? There were kids in the park, my human could have been severly bitten trying to get the dog off me, and what if this had happened to some small kids walking their dog??

I’m going to the vet today – vaccinating. So she can check out my damaged ear at the same time. It looks fine, but sore. Tomorrow we’re going to the police!!!!


  1. Oh, I hope your human reports him (and that something comes of it)…it seems like the pitts that bite animals eventually take on humans. In the last year there have been two cases in the L.A. area of kids being killed by them (one was a 2 year old girl ripped from her mother’s arms while she watered the dog). In both cases the dogs had previously attacked other dogs.

    Hope you heal quickly!

  2. Thanks! I’m feeling so much better today 🙂 It’s terrible when things like this happen! One of my humans main reasons to take this to the police is exactly because of what could have happened if it was her 12 yr old niece who was outside walking me? No way she could have stopped the attack, and what if she tried and got attacked by the monster dog herself? Just the thought of it gives me the creeps..

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