Posted by: teoandsethar | January 25, 2006

Things are sometimes worse than they seem…

The damage was a bit worse than we first thought. This evening Teo was supposed to get his re-vaccination, so we asked the vet to look at the bite wound as well. Turns out that the wounds are fairly deep, the tissue around his ear is bruised and sore, and the cartilage in the soft part of the ear is torn. First, we had to wait almost two hours at the vet and then Teo had to be sedated so that they could examine the ear. We decided that he needed sutures and that I, his human, could come pick him up around 11 pm tonight because they had some other cases they had to take care of before they could get started on him. But no such luck……. the vet just called, and they had two emergency cases coming in, so they could not do any work on him tonight. This means that he has to spend the night there……..The total cost you ask, about 700 USD. Thank doG for insurance, and excellent veterinarians! and thanks for good friends, Blenda and her human Siri was together with us the entire time! Posted by Picasa


  1. aaaaau!!!!! =(

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