Posted by: teoandsethar | January 26, 2006

ain’t no sunshine when I’m gone…

but now I’m back! So the latest update on my umpteenth wound is..:the vet decided not to stitch me up! Hurrray! Apparantly my body is extremely healthy and self healing. What can I say, it’s all in the genes 🙂 Kidding aside,,,the wound had closed itself very satisfactory overnight, so they felt it best to simply live it alone. So for the next ten days I’ll be chewing antibiotics and painkillers.


  1. Of course your body heals well, or else I would’ve chewed you to pieces a long time ago! After all, playing bitey-face is our favourite sport, right? Nothing is more fun than chewing on one’s friends…

  2. Right you is, dear friend. My body has healed in intergalactic speed! Just as I move: in intergalactic speed. I’m not really sure if I can say that, but I’m convinced that intergalactic means that I move pretty fast..?

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