Posted by: teoandsethar | February 17, 2006

Housetraining part 4 and other updates

This has been quite an eventful day. Earlier today I went with Azaar and some other sighthound friends of mine (Alf’s family) to a place where we can run of leash. That wasn’t as fun as I had hoped. There was way to much snow for my taste. It was like running under water! So when I got home I played with Alf for a while instead. We played bitey-face, rested for a couple of nano secods, before we finished with a game of “catch the rubber chicken without touching the floor”.

This evening two cool things took place. First of all, my human’s sister came to visit. That’s always funny. She thought Alf was qute, but she loves me the most. Of course.

The other amazingly cool thing was that Alf, our little housetraining project, let my human know that he needed to go outside! At 10:30 pm this evening Alf said” I have to go to the bathroom, can you please take me outside!” My human got so proud and she praised him and gave him lots of love. Enjoy it while you can Alf, the part where they praise you for ain’t gonna last forever. Posted by Picasa

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