Posted by: teoandsethar | February 20, 2006

speed demons

Pssst..hey Alf.. you awake? I have a genious plan..In two minutes my human will go to lunch. If we’re lucky we can sneak out of her office if she remembers to forget to close the door. But you’ll have to be awake and alert! If she remembers to forget to close the door, I can show you how perfect the office hallway is for running sighthound style. I can’t have you going home today without making some real office noise.

Yiiippeeeey! This is perfect, Teo! We’re running so fast our eyes are glowing – like real demons! I hope that’s nothing serious…I mean if my eyes start glowing everytime I’m up to something it’s pretty difficult to be a bad boy! Should I worry? Posted by Picasa


  1. Go Teoball go! I’m going to have to go check some photos of our Tazzy boy to find out if your “glowing eyes” theory is true. There may be some upset puppies out there if your theory turns out to be true….and they find out that YOU revealed it. Have you tried running with your eyes closed???

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