Posted by: teoandsethar | March 10, 2006

How to chill Saluki-style 101

In a previous post (see November: How to chill Whippet-style), the art of chillin’ was introduced by me, Teo. Now, Alf, my Saluki puppy buddy, wants to give you the basics of Saluki chillin’.

First, find a chaise-lounge, and neatly place half of your body in it. Secondly, put most of your body weight on your upper body so that your feet are relaxed and resting on the floor.

The next step is to make sure that the unrested part of your body gets the same amount of rest, so carefully slide over to the other side of the chaise-lounge. Put your front feet on the floor and place your hind legs in the chaise-lounge. It is important to take equally good care of every part of your body!

Another crucial part of chillin’ Saluki puppy style is stretching. Stretching in a sofa is recommended as opposed to stretching on the floor. The stretching exercise is easy, no explanation needed! Rubber chicken and lap top is optional.

Finally, the last chillin’ position is called “coma,” and can only be executed when your totally worn out, tired and sleep deprived. This position calls for COMPLETE relaxation. As before, crawl half way up into the chaise-lounge. Then, starting with your muzzel, relax every tiny cell, muscle and tendont in your body. Muzzle, ears, shoulders, paws etc, all the way to you toes. The only way one knows when this exercise is done correctly is when you’re resting on your hind legs’ ankles. At this stage no muscles in your body are functional. This position allows you to chill Saluki puppy style for hours.

Please do not try this if you have poor blood circulation, sore back, and short feet. Or if your not allowed to sleep in furniture. Posted by Picasa

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