Posted by: teoandsethar | March 11, 2006

alf – the american

Tomorrow Alf’s going home. A couple of days sooner than planned. Another thing is that Alf’s got a new home….he’s moving to atlanta, usa. that’s pretty far away from norway, don’t cha think? I was kinda bummed about him moving so far away so I decided that I had to spend some x-tra time with him tonight.

I’m sure he’ll get a great home over there, but the lack of snow may be a problem for him. you see, alf only goes potty on the highest piles of snow, or in (at least) two feet deep powder snow. the lucky owner “over there” should consider buying some snow for Alf.

as long as his new owner remebers the following, Alf should be ok:
1. He needs his piles of snow
2. He won’t chew on anything, as long as there is a Whippet he can chew on
3. He loves turkey necks and assorted potatochips
4. He loves to lounge on the sofa..(see how to chill saluki style..)
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