Posted by: teoandsethar | March 13, 2006

of all the things

to write about, my human has forced me to donate precious blog space to a C-A-T! A cat that hissed at me the first time we met! For some reason, auntie Gry ( who btw live only 5 minutes away from us in walking distance, and hasn’t been here to visit us in ages) has wanted a cat for some time. Please don’t make me explain why, I’m still trying to figure that one out myself. Anywho..about a month and a half ago she visited the animal shelter, and came home with this little black fur ball, and named her Meiko. Everybody, this is Meiko. Meiko, this is everybody.

Meiko is named after a Japanese actress who was quite popular in the 70’s, and she is 3 yrs old. I’m sure that we could get along perfectly, would she stop hissing at me, but as long as she’s being such a bitch..umm..let me rephrase..such a cat about it, I’m not sure how to act around her. Not, that I think we’ll be bumping into eachother on a regular basis. We don’t exactly share friends or hang outs 😉


  1. Oooo, evil cat. She looks just like Tommy the black cat right up the street from where I live. And he’s the devil incarnate, no doubt about it. He actually attacks dogs!!!

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