Posted by: teoandsethar | April 1, 2006

April fool’s day

Hahaha, this year’s best April fool’s day joke came from NRK (the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) and the Norwegian government.

NRK reported, on the Saturday news, that due to the bird flu and dogs being infected with the virus, there will be introduced further measurements to control dogs. Even the Ministry of Agriculture and Food issued a press release about the bird flu and dogs on their official website.

One of the many precautions humans have to take is: If a dog sniffs you in your crotch, you should have your pants cleaned to avoid any bird flu contamination – and – the dog owner should pay for it…. It may also be necessary to trim down dogs with long haired coats, i.e. poodles (haha, look out Blenda!)

My mission today is to sniff as many crotches as possible. Can’t wait to see the fear in the faces of the clueless humans as I give them a goood sniff!!

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