Posted by: teoandsethar | April 1, 2006

muzzle mania

Early this morning my human and Blenda’s human put us in the car and drove to Sweden. I was going to have a muzzle made especially for me, and Blenda’s human kindly offered to drive us. I have to wear a muzzle in order to participate in LC and Whippet Racing. In Karlstad we met up with Zora and Gitana, my sisters. I’ve been at LC practice with Zora earlier, so I know she loves to hunt, but I haven’t seen Gitana in action yet, so I’m looking forward to seeing her run as soon as the sun kills the ugly ugly snow!

In Sweden there are a lot of courses made for Whippet Racing. We met up with a man in Karlstad who makes leather muzzles for Whippets at the local whippet race track. Because of all the snow the track was very muddy and Blenda’s human’s fancy blue car got more and more greyish. My human has promised to have the car cleaned in not too long 🙂 Since there were other Whippets before us in line, our humans went to the local mall to spend money. Norwegians tend to go bananas when they are in Sweden ’cause everything’s cheaper and the exchange rate is very good. So they bought everything from PS2 to meat….it was almost embarrasing…

When our humans were done shopping we went back to the track, but there was still a couple of Whippets before us in line, so all we could do was wait. The floor in the club house where the muzzles were made was very cold, so Zora rested on her front legs..refusing to lay her stomach down on the chilly floor, and….

Gitana found a chair, and didn’t move an inch as she was very determined to have it by herself…

Finally, after a looong wait, my muzzle got human thought I looked a bit like Hannibal Lecter in “Silence of the Lambs”….hmmm it would be nice with some raw liver, maybe I should try it with a glass of chianti?
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