Posted by: teoandsethar | April 17, 2006

easter bunny hunting

This easter my human has gone to great lengths to make sure that I get plenty of exercise. Thanks to Alf’s human we’ve been able to explore “Oslomarka” (a great forest surrounding parts of Oslo with many different tracks and lodges were they sell different kinds of typical Norwegian hiking food). Alf’s human has a car built for dogs, and she drove all 7 of us (2 humans and 5 dogs) to different places in “Oslomarka” were we went for long walks. We are very grateful for that, and I’ve promised to worship her for ever.

Today Blenda came with us as well. Maybe you can see her in the pic? She blends in really well with the snow…hahaha..pun intended! In the front you see Alf on the left and me on the right, in front of us, from the left, is Alf’s human, his mum Bess, his aunt Indiana, Blenda (blending in..hihihi), Blenda’s human and Alf’s cousin Qui. We were all, besides Blenda maybe, on bunny alert, but someone must have told we were coming because we didn’t see any..hmf..

Another thing, I’m not sure I liked the fact that Blenda seemed to take a liking to Qui! He definetely *tried* to look his best as he was prancing around her strutting his stuff.
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