Posted by: teoandsethar | April 30, 2006

confirmation horror

It equivalent to a horror movie, except from the very fact that you’re not watching it! You’re in it!! Dog Shows, or confirmation. It’s a sick and twisted thing humans enjoy putting their beloved dogs through. And that’s what I doesn’t get? They say they love you, but then they do these sick, sick things to us??? I thought my human finally had come to her senses since she hasn’t dragged me along to these disturbing events in a long time..boy, was I wrong! Today she packed me in the car and drove all the way to a place called Stange.

That wasn’t to bad, until I realised that I had to perform in the ring as well! I’m normally a very tough and not-afraid-of-anything-kind of dog. However, when it comes to dog shows I get the heebie jeebies and I wanna run as fast as I can away from anything that resembles a judge. I tried to make a run for it, but my human refused to let me go. In short, the judge saw that I was extremely uncomfortable, and didn’t bother me. But my human insists on bringing me to these events still. She says she won’t have it that I get poor reviews because I’m afraid. Hmf…afraid..who’s afraid? I’m not. I just find these show ridiculous and embarrasing. Afraid, who me?

Azaar, the Sloughi monster, show-off, and my best bud, loved his first time in the ring. He was the only Sloughi there, and did his best to dazzle the judge. And, he did. He got so many prices, I don’t know where to start. Kidding aside, he did a great job! Congrats are in order! Since Azaar did exceptionally well, we had to be there the entire day, as Azaar had to compete in the winner’s class as well

Lucky for me, Alf was there as well. He too had been to his first dog show, and got BOS (best of opposite sex). Anywoof, while Azaar had to wait for the final judging, Alf and I commented the different funny looking dogs, feeling sorry for them not being sighthounds. Poor, poor creatures….they shall remain anynomous …ha ha ha!

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