Posted by: teoandsethar | May 6, 2006

the LC season has finally begun

Today was the first LC (Lure Coursing) practice in 2006. The snow has finally melted and we went from winter to summer in a few hours, literally. It hasn’t been this warm this early in May for as long as my human can remember. Today was no exception. Not a cloud in the sky and a warm summer breeze. And since this is the first LC pratice of the year, and I’m finally old enough to compete, this is my big chance to get my LC lisence. But first things first – I need to go three races with another Whippet. And these races must be approved by a judge. I’ve run the course by myself a couple of times, without wearing a muzzle. Today was my first time wearing the muzzle and running with another dog! In my first race I was fortunate enough to run with my grandma Bessie. She’s retired from competitions, but she’s still in excellent shape and is a great support dog for newbies like me. My human had a difficult time holding me back before the pilot said “GO”. I even tried to wriggle my way out of the collar jumping backwards, but my human wouldn’t let go.

Grandma Bessie got the better start and was a whippet lenght in front of me, but it didn’t take too long before I curbed my enthusiasm and startet running properly. The rabbit (or plastic bag…details, details) ran fast, and that made us run faster and faster trying our best to catch it.

In the end I managed to run from grandma Bessie…phew that lady sure knows how to run, and – I even caught the rabbit. Yippey! What a joyfull kill that was 🙂 The rabbit fell victim to my great speed and agility ! Also, the judge approved my race!

After all the hounds had ran the course, the humans rearranged it. That’s because we hounds are very course wise, which means that it we run the same track twice, we know which way the lure goes…and we won’t hunt properly. After the course was set up for round 2, I got to run again. This time a lovely Whippet lady called Magica ran with me. She was really pretty, but I managed to keep my focus this time as well. Lure Coursing is possibly the only thing that can keep me away from the ladies. I’m a ladies man, no doubt about it :). Anywoof – the judge said I did well this time as well so now I’m only one race short of having my lisence to course! Happy days! And all you pro LC Whippets out there: be afraid, be very afraid 🙂

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