Posted by: teoandsethar | May 13, 2006

visiting nala

Yesterday, after work, my human and I were invited to Nala and her human’s place. Nala is the siberian husky lady who lives with one of my favorite humans in the entire world, Heidi. Heidi is a work colleague of my human, and I spend most of my day in Heidi’s office. Heidi belongs to Nala, and Nala used to be the office dog. She still is in many ways, but unfortunately, she doesn’t spend as much time there as I would prefer. Anywoof, today after work, we drove up to Nala’s place. Her house is located just by the forest, and we went for a long walk when we got there.
When we got back, we snoozed for a short
while, but we woke up just in time for our human’s dinner, and at that exact time we decided that we wanted to take a walk. The best way to annoy a human is to demand things, such as walks, when they’re about to eat. They get furious! And very strange looking!

Nala is quite the ice queen. The first time when we met, she thought I was a pain in the “tale.” It didn’t take long, however, until she realized that it was easier to love me….OK, ok, she doesn’t LUV me, but she likes me plenty. I guess being a soon-to-be twelve year old lady gives you certain rights that shouldn’t be challenged by a 18 month old boy who thinks the world is made for his pleasure alone….well it is isn’t it??

Our humans had big plans for the evening, drinking wine and eating seafoood. And they did. The problem was that they got so tired, and by the time the clock reached 23:30 PM, they had fallen asleep! How old are you people? 80?!??!?!!!

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