Posted by: teoandsethar | May 27, 2006

heat, fire, flirt…it’s been a warm day….

Finally, after weeks with cold weather the sun finally kicked the clouds off the sky and decided to reclaim its throne as the ruler of blue skies and warm weather. Me and Alf decided to take our humans for a walk in the city. The sun was shining and we had a long and nice walk along the Akerselva which is a river that runs through Oslo. Little did I know that today would be a day of high temperatures on all levels. Our humans, being simply two-legged creatures, got tired and thirsty way too soon, so we let them make a pit stop at this outside restaurant where they allowed dogs. This restaurant was almost perfect as they had a very own water bucket for dogs! Which, by the way should be mandatory in any establishment, be it subways, elevators or even waiting rooms! Especially during the summer months….

The only problem with this restaurant was that while our humans had cold beer to drink, we were tied to the table, watching the other tables being served beefy, cheesy and yummy pizza. The torture was unbearable! These fine establishments serving cold water to dogs – don’t they know that we need food as well?! Alf got fed up (pun intended), and “kindly” whispered in to his humans ear: “Can we please go home now? “

And so we did. We all went back to Alf’s place. Which for me was even worse than wathing humans eat pizza right in front of me….Why? you ask. Because Alf’s mother and aunt were in heat, and his entire apartment smelled like a love shack full of promise but with no deliveries! Come on, you people! What have I done wrong? It would be easier for me to sleep in a fire than being able to relax in lovely lady smell! I got so …eh…”energetic” it was hard for me to focus. Finally, I barked to my human that we should take Alf back to our place. I simply couldn’t leave him there in that hormone pit. Luckily for Alf my human agreed and home we went. But our day didn’t end yet….. On our way home to my place we have to walk through a park. And at each end of the park, the city has placed these recycling stations for glass, plastic etc. As we passed one these stations, we saw heavy smoke coming out from one of them. My human decided to call the fire station, and just as she hung up it caught fire, and a lot of thick black smoke covered almost the entire block.
In a matter of minutes the firetruck came, and before I could say “bunny steak” the fire was over. Then, from practically nowhere, a tall man dressed in a black uniform approached us. Me and Alf, not sure what this obviously dangerous man was thinking about doing to my human, started barking and showing our teeth to him…turned out he was one of the good guys and only wanted to know if my human had seen anyone or anything that could be related to the fire. He also told my human that she was lucky to have such good guard dogs. Yup, she’s one lucky girl my human, that’s for sure. But then she starts laughing and smiling saying that we’re most likely not protecting her – we’re probably just afraid? I beg your pardon! Here I am defending her from a fire and a tall and possibly dangerous man in the middle of the night, in a dark park, and she’s flirting with the guy and calling me afraid!! I’m telling you, when it comes to humans and flirting I’m clueless. Perhaps we dogs have it easier after all? At least we don’t need fires or uniforms in order to flirt! In conclusion; some temperatures can be controlled with a cold beer, dogs in heat can’t be controlled, fires are for firefighters to control, and men in uniform are hot (according to my human).


  1. Whoah, too much action for a small whippet! You should have left the guarding to me, as I am much bigger an “guardirer” than you (according to my breed standard). Fire? Leave it to beaver! Or to the firemen. Ladies in heat? Leave them to me! I am *sooo* ready for them. And you’re too old. Hah!

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