Posted by: teoandsethar | May 31, 2006

who ‘ya gonna call? dust busters!

My human put a frozen turkey neck to auntie Rox’ head and forced her to get rid of loads of old clothes today! It’s a wonder auntie Rox puts up with my human, because she showed no mercy as she dug into auntie Rox’ closet and threw away 3 big plastic bags full of clothes. Auntie Rox, being the consumer oriented, friendly and compassionate person she is, was able to resuce the bags from the garbage, and donated everything that could be used to the Salvation Army. Gooood girl, Roxy! But the madness didn’t end there…. All the closet clean up resulted in further clean up, which totally disturbed me and Azaar in our play time. And when our humans can’t tell the difference between a dust bunny and their darlig puppies (that’ll be me and Azaar), the cleaning frenzy has to come to an end! The evil dust sucker must die!! Posted by Picasa

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