Posted by: teoandsethar | June 2, 2006

Sighthound Special

This weekend there is a dog confirmation show for sighthounds in Lillehammer, followed by an International Lure Coursing competition on Monday. Practically every sighthound I know, and then some, is coming to Lillehammer for the event. We’re staying in a big apartment together with Azaar and his human, Azaar’s breeder and her 7 hounds(!), and a Saluki named Cæsar and his human Milla. Which means that there are 3 humans and 10 dogs in the apartment ! And I’m the only whippet! Thankfully, I got the chance to check out the sofa and the sun deck before everybody arrived. The sofa has excellent friction when you rub your nose in it, and the sun deck..well, it’s certainly in the sun!

When everybody else arrived there was alot of meet and greet going on. Azaar’s breeder brought with her 5 sloughies and 2 salukies. All ladies, with the exception of two…Azaar’s father, Alto and a young Saluki named Zethar. I have the deepest respect for Alto. Let’s just say that I don’t sniff on his ladies as much as hadn’t he been there. I love my life too much to have it eaten by a crazy sloughi protecting his ladies. Being submissive and well behaved within a new pack is quite the challenge, so by the end of the evening we were all tired and exhausted, and 50% of us fell asleep on the couch…in a pile of zighthounds…zzzz.zzz.zz.z Posted by Picasa

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