Posted by: teoandsethar | June 5, 2006

you’ve gotta be kiddin’ me!

You think you know someone, and then they do something to you that makes you wonder if you ever really know anyone. This morning, as I was snoozing peacefully in bed, I could hear my human talking about me, dog shows, us being late and something about a judge. “This can’t be happening!” I thought to myself. “Another dog show – again?”Two hours later I found myself standing on the table being touched by yet another judge. That was when I realized it. If I have to worry about dog shows, and there being dog shows everyday, that’s alot of time spent worrying. So right then and there, I said a big goodbye to my fear, and decided to go with the flow. So I did my job quite well, actually, and I got a red ribbon again. We were placed last in our group again today, but my human was happier than the winners! She was practically doing a victory dance in the ring, which could easily been very embarrassing for me…Turns out she was so happy with my performance, so she promised me that I wouldn’t have to be in anymore shows for a long time! Which makes me a very happy whippet! When we got back to the apartment today, Azaar and I celebrated our successes with an excellent game of bitey face!

Today was also the last day I got to see Alf. Tomorrow morning his human is taking him all the way to Atlanta, USA, to his new home. It was a sad goodbye. My human, having been aware of him leaving for a long time, got so sad and started crying, which resulted in Alf’s human crying, which resulted in my aunt’s human crying just as she was going to show my aunt in the ring. A lot of crying going on! I guess my human didn’t realize how much she cares for Alf. I’m sure he’ll get a great home over there, but I think my human feels like she knows best when it comes to Alf’s likes and dislikes, especially since Alf has been staying with us alot. So, in Alf’s honor, here are a few pics of our favorite Saluki of all times: Alf Sprint Veloce

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