Posted by: teoandsethar | June 6, 2006

it ain’t all bad

because today I get to run in my first official LC competition ever! But before I can run, me and my human had to get out of bed. Yesterday, we had to move out of the apartment, and we got a room in a new apartment. Our bedroom was small with a bunk bed(!) and we had to share it with Azaar and auntie Rox. Being the young and sporty creatures we are, me and my human had the top bed. I think she was worried that I would fall out of it in my sleep, but I slept like a baby the entire night. This morning, auntie Rox, the morning bird, woke us up with lots of noise ( or was it delightful singing…that early everything qualifies as noise..)
My human tried to open up her eyes and give auntie Rox and Azaar a friendly “good morning” in return, but it was simply too hard so she simply fell asleep again. She’s not a morning person. In order to wake my human you have to be as gentle and kind as humanly possible. Being influenced by my human, I like to sleep in too. I’m not quite as slow as her in the morning, but I enjoy snoozing. But today was Lure Coursing day and we wanted to get an early start.

So as my human dragged her lazy self into the shower I enjoyed having the bed to myself before I started the morning ritual of streching, yawning, stretching and finally some more stretching.

When we got up to the stadion were the LC was taking place, I was registered, measured and the different heats were drawn. Azaar got to run the first test race, and I think he enjoyed it! Unfortunately he’s too young to compete. Auntie Rox, who was supposed to enjoy the race and simply relax, was, more or less, put in charge of part of the machine which pulls the lure, as there was a lot of technical difficulties that day….At 5 pm, when both races should have been finished, and all the prices and cert and cacils handed out, we had only gotten to the second race due to great technical was a long day, very long.

Anywho, in my first race I ran with a really fast lady whippet. I beat her in the finish, but when it came to the “kill” I was far more interested in sniffing her behind. My sister Zora kicked ass when she ran. She’s really good! Still, I must have done something right because I got a pretty high score from the judges. In the second race, I did really well. The hound I ran with, didn’t finish, so I got to the finish line by my self. Which was really cool! Also the judges gave me even a higher score this time. In the end, the hound I ran with first won, my uncle Caspar, my LC idol, came in third, and my sister Zora came in fourth. Me, I came in seventh, and my human was very pleased with me and said that I had done a great job this weekend.

We weren’t able to start driving home until 10 pm that same evening. Me and Azaar were totally beat. This had been a very active and stressful and exhausting weekend. My human was so tired, so if auntie Rox and Azaar hadn’t decided to watch the LC competition and drive to Oslo together with us, my human would have to spend one more night in Lillehammer, because she was almost too tired to drive. Auntie Rox kept her awake by asking her questions with no easy answers. My human hates silly questions, especially questions that she finds a waste of time, so she was tired, grumpy and thankfull that Rox travelled with us. All at the same time. Tomorrow, I’ll be sleeping. The entire day!!


  1. Huh? “In order to wake my human you have to be as gentle and kind as humanly possible.” That’s not the way Mom tells it. In order to wake auntie Eva, one needs a big bass drum, a handful of firecrackers, a fog horn, a coupla buckets of ice water – and, if all that fails: an atomic bomb.

    That’s what Mom says.

  2. a little bit of inside info: my human can get hellish evil if she’s rubbed the wrong way in the morning…if your human apreciates life and her mental state and wants to continue spending her life without having to look over her shoulder – do not try the ice water thing. only bad things can come out of that….

  3. Ice water! Ice water!! Haha! You just wait and see. Mom has bought ice cube bags, and she will make LOTS of ice cubes to bring along to the next dog show…

  4. please, I beg you. Unless your human wants to be confronted with pure evil for all eternity – do NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT attempt any of the scenarios mentioned above.

  5. Uh…? Not even ONE little, innocent ice cube? Or 3-4 firecrackers?

  6. the only icecube my human wants to see is in her GT….

  7. Huh? Her Gamle Testamente (Old Testament)?

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