Posted by: teoandsethar | September 27, 2006

my human has a problem

My human has got a problem. A problem involving her friends with dogs and those without dogs. Why anyone would chose not to be owned by a dog is beyond me, and why some people prefers to be owned by cats it’s an even bigger mystery. Anywoof, my human’s problem is that ever since I got her, she has spent less time with her no-pets friends. This abscense, in lack of a better word, culminated this Tuesday, when she ran after the bus to downtown Oslo, in a desperate attempt to get to the coffe shop before it closed. She met up with her friend Line (a no-pets person, but she loves me so she’s one of my favorite humans), and they had their dinner, espresso and shopping done in less than three hours!

When my human decided to be adopted by me she swore to her friends that she would *never* become one of those crazy dog-people, who spend their every waking moment particiapting in dog related activities. She has always looked upon these poor people without a social life as sad and pathetic….Well, guess what! She’s not too far from being sad and pathetic herself, and she’s pretty close to being crazy as well!

The question is, is her being crazy in any way affecting my life? This is something I have to take into consideration before I encourage her in one way or the other. On one paw, her sad, pathetic and crazy ways make my days quite eventful and never boring. On the other paw, her lack of contact with her “old” friends may be the end of her social life…..and in the end she’ll be one of those old ladies living alone in a dirty small house in a forest together with a gazillion dogs and no human contact whatsoever….

Phew, it sure is alot of responsibility having a human. You have to make sure that they get their social training, exercise, and that they are metally stimulated. My human is also a paw-ful at times. She can be whiny and impatient if she wants something, if she feels ignored and when she wants some treats. But when she rubs my belly and look at me with those big brown eyes, it sure is hard being consistent when it comes to teaching her tricks or how to behave. One thing I’ve worked particularly intensly on is how to teach her to let me of my leash quickly enough. She simply isn’t as fast as I would prefer. I guess I have to give it time. I mean, she wasn’t given to me as a baby, so there is alot of work to be done.

I guess I have to encourage her to spend more time together with her “old” friends. I know she can spend hours alone without having me around – so she should be fine. Maybe, I’ll make her go clubbing saturday night? Oh no, she can’t! She has to come to my lure coursing competition saturday! Well, well, maybe next saturday? 🙂

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