Posted by: teoandsethar | March 11, 2007

persian treat

It wasn’t dog food my human was making room for. It was a saluki –
a Persian treat! So from now on the blog is no longer all about me,
but also about my new room mate Sethar. Sethar is almost 4 yrs old
and will be staying with us – hopefully for a long time. I like him,
and I get the feeling Human likes him too. Sethar comes from the
same place as my sloughi buddies Azaar and Bahij
so he’s basically family already.

Sethar is a bit shy, but very gentle. He’s also a bit aloof,
but that’s the way of the saluki. Aloof and gentle.
However, I’m not worried – a couple of weeks together with me,
and I’ll find the inner whippet in him!

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