Posted by: teoandsethar | May 10, 2007

the winner takes it all – again!

There has been another LC-trial – and believe it or not but I won again! Best In Field – twice! My human says that I made history that day because never before has the same hound become Best In Field in two trials in a row! And certainly not a Norwegian whippet. There are so few of us Norwegians in these trials, we’re even outnumbered by the Swedes when we’re competing in Norway.

As soon as Sethar came to stay wiht us, Human made sure that he got his lc-lisence so that he can compete in trials as well. And this trial (did I mention I became BIF…yippii!) was Sethar’s first.

Photo: Tommy Østby

Photo: Renata Goel

Me and Funky in the best race of the day.

Funky, the cute little whippet I ran with, came in second – not even 1 point separated us. She’s a really good courser, she even won the European Championship last year. So the competition was tough – but today I was even tougher!


  1. Congratulations! I’ve won a couple of field trials myself. We point, honor, and retrieve downed game. My human has to shoot game for me. Do you get to retrieve anything?

    Take a look at and see if there is anything there that interests you.

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