Posted by: teoandsethar | May 28, 2007

going to sweden RV-style

This weekend, Human and I – Teo – went to the south of Sweden for a lc-trial. Lucky us, we where invited to join our friends Whisky (Alf‘s brother) and Renata in their RV. Or, actually it’s Whisky’s RV. Can you imagine? His human bought him a brand new house on wheels – and if that wasn’t enoungh she decorated it with fancy drawings and text. All about Whisky. I wonder when Sethar and I are gonna get our own house on wheels. I’m pretty sure that I’ve read somewhere that love can’t be bought, but seriously, wouldn’t you love someone, big time, I they got you your very own house on wheels?

Whisky’s kinda’ strange. At first he will growl at you and be a really tough saluki, and then he wants to play. And later on, when I wanted to catch some zz’s in his bed – it’s big enough for the two of us – he got really nervous and insecure, and squeezed himself into one corner of the bed….Wazzup with that? Not so tough anymore, Whisky?

Finally, he too had to give in to the monotonious sound of the car running, and fell asleep.

Sethar caught a ride with Qui & Co, and we all met up in Sweden. The trial itself wasn’t that news worthy….we came, we ran and we went home. And that’s all I’m gonna say about that…

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