Posted by: teoandsethar | August 9, 2007

summer’07 – atlanta

At the beginning of June, Human and auntie Kristin went to Altanta,
USA, to visit Alison and Alf. You remember Alf, don’t you?
There has been written plenty about Alf in our blog,
all you have to do is take a look in the archives.

Alf’s grown…he’s mucho bigger than he was a year ago.
But, he’s still little “Laffis” Human says.

In Atlanta they visited a place called Stone Mountain.
Of all the things they could visit in Altanta
they chose to go to a mountain.
As if we don’t have enough mountains here in Norway.
Did you get home sick, or what’s the deal??

The highlight of Human’s visit in Atlanta was visiting David Moore and his beautiful azawakhs. Human claims these are the beautifullestest sighthounds she ever seen!
Who are we to argue – just look at these two puppies –
they positively are the beautifullestest we’ve ever seen!

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