Posted by: teoandsethar | November 24, 2007

hunters & gatherers

I, Teo, had my first live kill today! Perhaps not as big as rabbit or a cat, but it’s still a kill. A mouse to be more specific. To all of you who feel sorry for the mouse, Human did as well. Especially after she noticed that it was one of the qute ones…whatever that means!? Regardless, I’m a hunter and when there aren’t any rabbits to chase, mice will have to do. Size doesn’t matter, it’s still a kill!

Sethar also went hunting today, he just didn’t know it. I guess he’s more of a gatherer. He came home with lots of pretty little botanical thingies entangled in his fab tail. Human almost started crying when he came home with his catch,,,,thinking about it she was even more upset than she was when I came home with that mouse. Isn’t that a bit morbid??

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