Posted by: teoandsethar | December 9, 2007

open field coursing – finally!

What a day! Even though Human was sick, again, she took us out for a long walk today. It’s amazing how much pain killers can improve Human’s health…..

Anywoof, today there were …hmm…lets see…10 salukis and one whippet on the same walk! The salukis were Sethar (of course :-)), Qui, Bess, Indiana, Fant, Tia, Nadiir, Bahiim, Cæsar and Isis. Isis is by far the prettiest girl we’ve ever met – and it was extremely difficult for us to focus on anything – except her! The whippet was – yes, you guessed it; Teo!

It was a great day. We ran on fields and in the forest. All of us – together. Isn’t it amazing how well we all get along? Our humans talked about sighthounds, how perfect we are and about coursing……that’s when it happened…. Cæsar managed to chase a rabbit on to the big field where basically all of us where off leash. In two seconds that poor rabbit had about 10 eager coursing hounds on her tail. You should have seen us – we practically flew across the field! Human said we were so guiet she could almost hear the rabbit’s heart beat, and she and the rest of the humans just stood there – paralyzed. The rabbit ran into the forest – and we all followed! At this point I’m guessing some of the humans are starting to get a little nervous – how far will we chase the rabbit, how many of us will get hurt, etc.

I pleased to let you all know that when we all realized that the rabbit had out-smarted us, we all came back, in perfect condition – without the rabbit.

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