Posted by: teoandsethar | December 11, 2007

I claim my right to hunt!

I, Teo, was a pretty disobedient whippet yesterday evening….

Sethar and I met up with auntie Kristin, Bess, Qui & Indiana to go for a walk after work. Human always lets us run off leash in the forest, and yesterday wasn’t any different. The thing was, when we parked the car I found this enticing and seductive scent on the ground in the parking lot, and Human said something to auntie Kristin about there being some deer prints in the snow. “Deer, here?” I thought to myself as we started walking in the opposite direction. So, when Sethar charged off into the forest with Qui, I did an 180 and went straight back to the parking lot…..without Human noticing.

Auntie Kristin started searching in one direction while Human went the other way. She told me she climbed up some steep hills in complete darkness, and she fell on the ice twice whilst calling and calling for me. Guess what Human, I heard you all the time but I was busy hunting!

Finally, after listening to her yelling and whistling for almost an hour I decided to let her know that I was ok so, but I wasn’t ready to go home quite yet. So I went towards her, but stopped about 10 meters from her, and then I went back to hunting. As I continued into the forest I could hear Human saying some naughty naughty words, and something about making me into a fancy purse!?! Oh my Dog – did she really think that would make me come to her?

At this point auntie Kristin, Human and Sethar started following me. They also let Sethar come play with me in an attempt to persuade me come running back with him. Sethar is such a softie so when Human called him he went straight back to her. Me on the other hand –  was in no such rush.

Finally, Human and auntie Kristin gave up and went back to the parking lot. They even got in their cars and started driving! What’s that all about? Were they actually thinking about leaving me here? In the pitch black forest covered in snow and ice?

I immediately started running towards the cars, but Human drove off! Auntie Kristin stopped the car and came out, but she completely ignored me as she opened the back door as if to let Bess out. “Cool! Now Bess can come with me”. But I should have known auntie Kristin was smarter than that. Instead of letting Bess come out, she grabbed me by the collar and at the same time human stopped her car, jumped out and came to get me.

“Damn, now I’m gonna get yelled at”, I thought. But instead Human simply picked me up and put me in her car. Again she said some words that shall remain unmentioned, but she wasn’t mad. On the way home I started howling like a wolf. How could they do this to me? I was only hunting – doing my wolf thing. Human went on and on about how whippets “supposedly” should be the obedient breed among sighthounds, and that the saluki “supposedly” is the one with the strongest hunting instincts. My response to that is that I refuse to be controlled by so-called breed standards, and that my independence is of utmost importance.

Oh, the sadness. The entire evening and throughout the night I wallowed in my misery – why, oh why wouldn’t they let me finish? I have a sneaking suspicion that I won’t be let off leash anytime soon…


  1. Morsomt å lese andre mynders liv! God jul og godt nytt år.

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