Posted by: teoandsethar | December 9, 2008

No poops, no oops

Of all the crazy things they come up with for freakin’ lazy dog owners…Check out the Pootrap

“Are you tired of walking your dog…?” This has to be a joke, but if it’s not I can only, on behalf of dog owners who actually enjoy taking our dogs for walks, apologize to man’s best friend. I pity the poor dog that has to have this gadget attached to his/her butt.  If I was a dog, I would sue the bejeezus out of my owner the moment I got this crappy device attached to my butt. Shame on the inventors, distributors and the people who willingly spend their money on this piece of s**t….

what the hell...?

what the hell...?

“….and your dog will love it too!” (are you %&¤”%µ kidding me?!!)


  1. Nå har vi sett alt! hohoho

  2. Waata great idea!!!
    Do help the earth!!!
    I’ll buy it for my GreatDane!!!

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